The Greatest Lego Genius Who Ever Lived

from by David Heatley

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I thought it was me, but there's this freak at my school named Sid
[Hey, who you callin' a freak?!?]

Everyone says he's the Greatest Lego Genius Who Ever Lived
[Well, that's because it's true]

It's kinda hard to believe if you were to look at that kid
[Looks who's talkin', Dooda]

But he's emphatic about being the
Who Ever Lived

There's gonna have to be a showdown
Yeah then we'll see who's gonna go down
Who do you think is the fastest builder, huh?
Me or that slow clown?
[Speed isn't everything]

I can build anything that my mind can dream up and so far I did

I think that qualifies me as the Greatest Lego Genius Who Ever Lived
[Actually, that qualifies you for nothing]

When the big day comes, that boy is gonna wish that he hid
[I think you're talking about yourself there, Dooda]

Cause there can really only be one
Who Ever Lived

There's gonna have to be a contest
Yeah then the world will see that I'm the best
Darling, my Lego creations are simply the grannnnndest!

There's gonna have to be a showdown
Yeah then we'll see who's gonna go down
I'll prove it once and for in front of this whole town!

Look, Sid, as you're well aware... I can build a working Lego hovercraft. So just try and top that!

Otis, you know that giant Lego shark in my room? That thing could eat your hovercraft.

Yeah, well my hovercraft has a self-destruct button, so if he eats it, I'll just blow up your shark.

Sigh... Then I'd have to send a giant group of Lego robotic yellow jackets to sting you.

Ooh I'm so scared. My Lego Millenium Falcon could just blast your yellow jackets to smithereens.

Then I'd make a Lego Space Slug hiding in an asteroid and it would swallow your Millenium Falcon, Otis.

Sid, why are you always building things to eat up my Lego creations?

Look at the clock, Dooda. It's almost lunch time. I'm hungry.

You're always hungry. Sheesh.


from Otis Dooda: Downright Dangerous, released May 27, 2014




David Heatley New York, New York

After surviving the crazy events of his first weeks in New York City, nine-year-old Otis Dooda is starting out at a brand- new school. With his disgusting seatmate, the possible impending alien invasion, and the introduction of his new nemesis, Sid Frackas "The Greatest LEGO Genius Who Ever Lived" things are getting downright dangerous! Read the book by Ellen Potter and David Heatley! ... more

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